Emergency Procedures Guide

This guide has been prepared for you as a quick reference during emergency conditions on campus. You will be most effective in an emergency when you are prepared. Please take a few moments to review the material.

This document is not meant to cover every emergency situation that may arise. If you are unsure of what you need to do in a particular emergency, please ask your supervisor or contact Campus Safety and Security, 563-387-2111. Be sure to check with your supervisor or residence hall director for emergency guidelines and policies that are specific to your building.

In an emergency, faculty, staff, residence life personnel, and supervisors have the responsibility to give instructions to students and staff, close and lock doors, and provide other required safety and first-aid measures unless otherwise directed by Security or other properly identified emergency personnel. Know at least two ways out of your building.

Emergency Responders

In addition to Campus Safety and Security, Luther has other groups that support emergency preparedness and response. These groups include our Emergency Response Team, Emergency Communication Team, and Emergency Support Team.

The Emergency Response Team (ERT): The ERT is comprised of campus management staff having a direct operational role during emergency operations.

The composition of the ERT includes:

  • Vice president and dean for student life
  • Director of campus safety and security
  • Chief communications officer
  • Director of facilities services
  • Director of residence life
  • Coordinator of campus news services
  • Executive director of library and information services

Note: The director of the Emergency Response Team shall be the vice president and dean for student life or his/her designee.

The ERT meets to prepare for emergency situations and when an emergency could arise or is occurring. Working in concert with law enforcement and fire officials, they will evaluate the circumstances and make appropriate decisions on the steps that will be taken.

The Emergency Communication Team (ECT): The ECT supports the Emergency Response Team and provides communication to the campus community regarding emergency situations and updates as necessary.

The Emergency Support Team (EST): The EST supports the Emergency Response Team in emergency response and provides expertise as needed in specific situations.

Persons with Disabilities

Individuals with a disability should follow the same emergency procedures as outlined in this document in so far as he/she is able. If requested, accompany and assist persons with disabilities who need assistance. If you have questions or need further information, please call Campus Safety and Security, ext. 2111.

Luther Website and Local Media

Check the Luther website for emergency information. In the event the website is down, check the college's emergency site.

You may also want to check the local radio stations, 100.5 and 104.7 FM, and 1240 AM.