Krista Wahlstrom '15

Her Initial Attraction to Luther

Krista chose Luther because she knew about the great music program and had wonderful experiences with the biology faculty. “Plus, the campus is beautiful and Decorah has a lot of character,” she says. “I wanted to attend a small liberal arts college and Luther gave outstanding financial support and provided a welcoming atmosphere.”

Studying Neuroscience

Krista is is in her second year of pursuing a Ph.D. degree. She works in a lab that studies drug addiction and learning/memory. “My biology degree provided me with the perfect path to pursue neuroscience,” she says. “I was well prepared for my current position with the courses and faculty Luther offered me.”

Krista continues to be amazed by the wonders of the brain. “Humans are capable of countless complex tasks and it's all thanks to the evolution of large brains,” she says. “I'm interested in knowing why we do what we do and the mechanisms that underlie these behaviors. I've been inspired by new technological advances since I was a kid, and the field of neuroscience continues to grow with respect to these new advances that aim to improve our world.”

A Well-Rounded Education

Beyond her major, Krista appreciates that her Luther experience broadened her horizons on topics she wouldn't have otherwise studied. “I learned about philosophy, various religions, and had the opportunity to take a course on Asian history,” she says. “I also gained new knowledge about ethics and was also able to use music as an outlet through various choral ensembles.”

Krista believes that all her professors prepared her for the professional world and provided her with a well-rounded education that has allowed her to flourish as a member of a changing society. “Luther taught me that there was more to life,” she says. “I learned that discussing ideas was better than discussing people.”