Susan Schneider '90

Plymouth, Minn.

When you meet Susan Schneider in person, it really doesn’t take long to realize that she is a person who cares deeply about her family, her company, and her employees and she doesn’t mind talking about her own struggles as she navigates her busy life.  And, she has a pretty busy life.  She is president of Plus Relocation Services and lives in Plymouth, Minn. with her husband Mark and their two children, Jack (age 13) and Ellie (age 11).

If you don’t have a chance to meet Susan in person, the next best way to get to know her is to read her blog, Wednesdays with Susan.  It’s fantastic.  It started out as a way for her to indulge a passion for creative writing that never seemed to find its way into her everyday life. At first, Susan thought it would be specific to her industry, but quickly realized that it really was about leadership and it really took off.  With blogs titled May the force be with you and Lessons from square watermelons, Susan peaks her readers’ interest and always follows through with good insights.

One of the best posts is titled I make great cold food.  You see, Susan is not the primary cook in her household; she leaves most of the cooking to her husband.  But, her kids know that she is the go-to person for cereal and sandwiches and that’s okay with her.  “We can’t be really good at everything all the time,” Susan reminds her readers.  “We spend too much time trying to overcome our weaknesses when we should be embracing our strengths.”  Her thoughtful words let her readers know that she struggles with the day-to-day stuff too.

It seems her readers aren’t the only ones who enjoyed reading her blog.

In 2009, Susan was a finalist for “Blog of the Year” Stevie Award for Women in Business. And if that’s not enough, she was nominated again this year!

Her industry also recognizes her abilities and elected Susan  President of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council, an association with 12,000 members worldwide.

Susan Schneider '90