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Ideas & Creations Blog

  • Andrew Hageman (left) and B.J. Nichols (right) 40 years ago this July.

    A Short Interview with B.J. Nichols

    Professor Andy Hageman conducts a lightning interview with Luther alumnus B.J. Nichols, class of 1997. Hageman, left, and Nichols, right, are pictured together on a carnival ride exactly 40 years ago this July.

  • Russ Schouweiler

    Professional Development: What a one-year-old can teach you about your job

    Coach Schouweiler takes baby steps toward project management, literally. He shares with us lessons he's learned in his first year of parenting.

  • Miriam Sellers

    Ayni: To Help One Another

    Miriam Sellers, Luther class of 2017, reflects on her recent experiences with the NGO Heifer International, and her discovery of a guinea pig farm in Cusco, Peru. 

  • Brad Miller

    Fending Off “Day 2” at Luther College

    Professor Brad Miller evaluates Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo's policy of treating every day as "Day 1," and translates his ideas into the context of Luther College.

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