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Ideas & Creations Blog

  • A sort of homecoming

    As Homecoming rapidly approaches, Professor Kopf explores what it means "to come home" and why it takes trust and faith to do so.

  • Justice is not a zero-sum game

    Guy Nave explains the "zero-sum fallacy"—the belief that all resources are fixed and limited, therefore, one person's gain is always another person's loss, and how when it comes to justice... more justice for one, is more justice for all.

  • A call for perspective amidst cries of panic

    New Ideas and Creations blogger Ronald Ferguson, Luther assistant professor of sociology, asks us to challenge the machinations of bigotry and stand together to demand an end to fear mongering.

  • A note on loss, love and a mindful life

    For when you're wishing that time would just speed up so you could get "it" over with or so that someone gets home to you sooner... a reminder from Luther sophomore Rebecka Green, to take a breath and live in the moment.

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